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The Battle of the Bonins

The Great Pacific War

The Battle of the Bonins (January 8th 1932)

Location of the battle

Location: Pacific Ocean east of the Bonin Islands.

Date of the battle

January 8th 1932.


In December 1931, the United States began preparations for a daring offensive against the Japanese-held Bonin Islands. The attacking forces would be divided into three groups: one consisting of the transports with a reinforced army division, one with the aircraft carriers, and the last with the battleships.

Order of battle

Imperial Japanese Navy: South Sea Squadron

Kuma-class light cruisers: Chitose (flag) and Oi

Ashigara-class light cruisers: Yoshino and Kasagi.

United States Navy: Asiatic Fleet

Albany-class light cruisers: USS Minneapolis (flag).

Omaha-class light cruisers: USS Marblehead, USS Concord and USS Cincinnati.

Lexington-class aircraft carrier: USS Saratoga.

18 destroyers

United States Navy Convoy

12 destroyers

22 Transports

Outcome of the battle

Japanese victory.

Losses suffered during the battle

The United States Navy: Asiatic Fleet losses Omaha-class light cruiser USS Marblehead, Albany-class light cruiser USS Minneapolis, eight destroyers and three transports carrying almost 4,000 men. The Imperial Japanese Navy: South Sea Squadron losses Kuma-class light cruisers Chitose and Oi and Ashigara-class light cruiser Kasagi. The badly damaged Omaha-class light cruiser USS Concord is sunk by a Japanese submarine the following day. The convoy eventually managed to join up with elements of the main fleet on January 11th.


United States Navy: Asiatic Fleet: 4,000 killed including those who were on aboard the transports.

Imperial Japanese Navy: South Sea Squadron: 1,200 sailors and officers killed.

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