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A map of Germany carved amongst her neighbors A map of Germany carved amongst her neighbors

Germany carved amongst her neighbors

Hanover part of the Netherlands, Kassel ruled by France, Nuremberg part of a Bohemia that reaches to the Frankfurt suburbs, Hamburg in Denmark, Regensburg on the Austro-Czech border. This map comes from an article from Die Zeit and shows a map of a Europe without a Germany. Now you thing this is pure ASB, but it is not, there were plans of one sort or another to achieve similar results at the end of the Second World War. The major plan for the dissection of Germany was merely a creation of Nazi propaganda, and while the vaguely similar Morgenthau Plan did exist, it was soon shelved once its impracticality became obvious.

Morgenthau Plan (Large Danube federation)

Another variant of the Morgenthau Plan: a North German State, South German State and large Danube Federation (Austria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia) plus annexation of German border areas by the Netherlands (Dutch annexation of German territory after World War II), Denmark (Schleswig), Poland, USSR, Luxembourg, Belgium and France)

Bakker-Schut Plan

The Bakker-Schut Plan, meanwhile, was a Netherlands proposal for the annexation of several German towns, and perhaps even a number of German cities. German natives would be expelled, except for those who spoke the Low Franconian dialect, who would be forcibly dutchified. They even came up with a list of new Dutch names for German cities.

Map of the Bakker-Schut Plan

The Bakker-Schut Plan. To the left is the Netherlands, to the right is the part of Germany known as Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The coloured areas in the middle are the parts proposed for annexation by the Netherlands.

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