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Map: United States, Annexation Bill of 1866 passed

In 1866 the Annexation Bill was a bill introduced on July 2nd 1866, but never passed in the United States House of Representatives. It called for the annexation of British North America and the admission of its provinces as states and territories in the Union. The bill was sent to committee but never came back, was never voted upon, and did not become law. The bill never came to the United States Senate.

Bill in its complete form can be read online: A Bill for the admission of the States of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East, and Canada West, and for the organization of the Territories of Selkirk, Saskatchewan, and Columbia

Several financial incentives were offered to the British Colonies to help get them on board including:
Purchase of the Hudson’s Bay Company’s lands for $10,000,000.

Take over provincial debts which amounted to $85,700,000.

Give an annual subsidy of $1,646,000 to the new states.

Connect Canada with the Maritimes by rail and spend $50,000,000 to complete and improve the colonial canal system.

Map of the alternate United States if the Annexation Bill of 1866 had passed.
This map was made by Rubberduck3y6 from and a good article to read about is The United States If The Annexation Bill of 1866 Had Passed at Brilliant Maps website.

Proposed states and territories


New Brunswick: Modern-day New Brunswick

Nova Scotia: Modern-day Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Canada East: Modern-day Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and part of modern-day northern Ontario.

Canada West: Modern-day southern Ontario, and part of modern-day northern Ontario.

Selkirk Territory: Modern-day Manitoba, and parts of modern-day northwestern Ontario, Nunavut, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories

Saskatchewan Territory: Modern-day Alberta, and parts of modern-day Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Columbia Territory: The part of modern-day British Columbia west of the Rocky Mountains.

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